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Secure Storage For Your Wealth

To own gold, silver or other precious metals is great. The problem is everybody else thinks it’s great too. Given half a chance your gold or silver would be taken from you quicker than a FedEx delivery – and what is a gold IRA account without the metal? You might be surprised …

If you buy your “metal” from a brokerage firm, they may try to tell you the “leveraged” gold, or mining company shares you just bought, are as good as the physical metals. Don’t be fooled.

The only way to hold IRA gold, or IRA silver, is to own the physical metal.

With an approved gold IRA account there are also checks and balances on how you can keep your precious metals safe. The rules that give you the tax breaks also say that you have to store the gold or silver at arm’s length until you are ready to retire. This is to stop you spending it on that Ferrari you saw last week.

The laws dictate that you store your metals away in a registered secure depository facility – some people call this a repository. These are few and far between, and have to pass strict vetting for approval as designated storage sites.

We Are Bigger in Texas

Up until now you had only one choice with Noble Gold in the US – the depository in Delaware. And we all know what this means …

Noble Gold now raised the bar and are offering gold IRA storage in Texas.

If Texas is famed for anything, it has to be oil. Oil has been the mainstay of the Texan economy since the turn-of-the-century. Many people made their fortunes by striking a reservoir of black gold on their land.

Texan oil magnates hold large reserves of gold, silver and other precious metals as a hedge against the dollar and the oil price. Storing it safely has always been a problem for them.

Curious then – one thing Texas never had, which it is crying out for, is a gold depository of its own.

There have been rumblings about this for years, and many people have come up with ideas to solve the problem, all of which have fallen down.

The latest of these, passed by Greg Abbott, the Texas governor, in 2015, is the Texas bullion depository bill, HB 483. The bill outlines the way in which a state bullion depository could be built and run. It covers the use of such a depository for selling and buying precious metals, as well as their storage and transference by state agencies, or their approved associates.

Being a state run, official initiative, has meant the three companies which are lobbying for the business have different ideas as to how their commercial models would run. The likelihood is that the arguments back-and-forth between the bidders and the state will take years to resolve.

Public reaction to the state spending money on such a project has been mixed, with many people feeling the budget could be better spent on something which is of benefit to a wider range of interests.

At the same time, investors have been looking for alternatives to the stranglehold of the facilities in New York for their gold ira dealings. The need for such a repository is there – regardless of the state’s decision to build one or not.

There is also no guarantee a state run bullion depository would allow private storage. This ability was included in the initial proposal put forward by the authors of the bill but, as yet, along with so much about HB 483, nothing has been finalised or confirmed.

This is why Noble Gold are delighted to have secured a partnership with IDS (International Depository Services) in Dallas, to allow us to offer the first, indeed the only, private secure gold depository facility in the south for your precious metal IRA storage needs

Delaware (and by extension – New York) no longer have the monopoly on your gold IRA investment account precious metals storage.

Your IRA gold and IRA silver can now be stored safely without it ever leaving the Republic.

Texas maintains its state rights fiercely – originally, the “six flags state” was not subject to the laws of the United States. Texas made its own laws, many of which are still in force today. This makes it the perfect location for a depository.

Texans do everything properly – so it comes as no surprise that the new IDS precious metals facility is one of the most highly protected sites in the United States. As the leading company in secured depositories, the level of protection offered in Dallas by IDS is unrivalled.

If you are serious about investing in gold IRA plans – you need to consider segregated storage. IDS cater for this too.

Your privacy is our number one concern. From your first contact with us about using the depository services, any transaction is private and confidential – nobody will know of your holdings.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services – this extends to our gold bullion depository arrangements too – and we now provide a “POP” service for clients. POP is “proof of purchase,” and as part of the process of verifying your gold and/or silver, and authenticating the delivery, we provide photographs of your metals arriving at the depository. This additional service will give you peace of mind about the way in which your precious metals are being dealt with – and is free to Noble Gold clients.

Just a few questions on a secure, encrypted, internet connection provided by Noble Gold, and your IRA to gold storage is sorted …

The IDS facility is state-of-the-art and certified as a COMEX/CME/LBMA/ICE approved establishment. The security procedures and precautions at the depository are world class, and you can be sure your metals are guarded 24/7 – protected and watched over constantly.

If you are looking at storage for your gold or silver IRA you need to consider the advantages of having your metals in Texas – speak to one of our advisors today and find out why.

At Noble Gold we make IRA gold investment simple and streamlined – we do the hard work – so you don’t have to.

For expert advice on storing your wealth safely in a gold or silver IRA, give us a call at 877-646-5347 or you can email us at info@nobleira.com or use our contact page.

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